The AK47 is an assault rifle available in the app for free. It is one of the worlds most popular assault rifles, still in usage since 1949, used by various countries.



The AK47 in app with it's standard skin.

The AK47 was developed in Russia by Mikhial Kalashnikov during the Battle of Bryansk, while recuperating in a hospital. His inspiration came out of the unreliability of the constant jamming of Russian small arms mid battle. By 1947, Kalashnikov finalized the design of his rifle. While many people say that his design was influenced by the first assault rifle, the German Strumgewehr 44, Kalashnikov has stated many times his inspiration did not come from the German

Real life AK47.

By 1949, the AK47 was adopted as the standard issue service rifle for the Soviet Union. However, problems making the costly stamped sheet metal recievers halted production from the Soviets fully replacing the rifle until the 1950's. This new Kalashnikov design was designated the AKM, which many people culturally know as an 'AK47'. Since then, the AK47, along with many of it's varaints, have been in use since 1949. In 1974, the AK74 replaced the AK47 and AKM as the standard issue service rifle. Simce 1974, the most recent AK design has been undergoing testing as a possible new service rifle, designated the AK12, designed in 2012.



Kalashnikov with his famed design.

The AK47 is a gas operated assault rifle, a concept perfected by American designer, John Browning. It uses a piston driven system, meaning the piston pushes the bolt back to eject the spent shell and load the new one. Cyclic rate of fire is around 650 Rounds per Minute (RPM), however, the AK47's piston system causes heavy recoil, meaning the gun would become less accurate overall. The AK47 fires the 7.62x39 mm M43 round, first used in the 1943 light machine gun, the RPD. It uses simple adjustable sights, though not the best for precision aiming. The AK47 has a muzzle velocity 715 m/s, and an effective range of ~400 meters. While considered heavy, the AK47 is most commonly known for never malfunctioning. It's design has proven to be versitile and reliable under various conditions in the world.


The AK47 was one of the original guns in the app. At first, it was made up of polymers, instead of the classic metal and wooden configuration. It wasn't until a massive update when the AK47 got an wooden and metal configuration. It has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. It can only fire semi and fully automatic, no option for a burst fire. It has a wide asortment of skins, including battle worn, golden, nickel, cherry, walnut, and hazard.