Gun Viewing== There are two ways to view the guns, the first is called the "GUN WALL" you can use this for organizing weapons such as most to least favorite weapon. The second is called the "GUN WHEEL" which is best for browsing a varity of weapons in a short amount of time. Both have a option called organize. This option is used for choosing which weapons you want and don't want.


The store is used for buying weapons and weapon skins using coins.

Getting CoinsEdit

You automatically get 20 coins every day (internet required), but you can also get more coins by buying them via "GET COINS". This method has 4 options:

250 coins for $1.00

500 coins for $2.00

1500 coins for $5.00

5000 coins for $10.00

There is also a "Earn Coins" option where you complete offers (some free and some paid) that earn you coins.


Igun Pro has a Facebook page where you can suggest weapons, view the latest relases and news, and have a occasional speak off (rarely). You can vist their Facebook page here.